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Composer, conductor, arranger and pianist, recipient of the 2015 Prime Minister Award for Composers, Ziv Cojocaru  (זיו קוז’וקרו) is a multidisciplinary musician, active in the fields of classical, contemporary and popular music.

Mr. Cojocaru received both his Master degrees in Composition and in Orchestral Conducting with distinction at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and completed his Doctoral degree in Composition (Ph.D.) at the Bar-Ilan University.

Dr. Cojocaru is a full-time faculty member of composition and theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and serves as a board member at the Israeli Composers’ League (ICL).

Whence Comest Thou, Whither Wilt Thou Go
“...Ziv Cojocaru focussed on impressionistic effects in "Whence Comest Thou, Whither Wilt Thou Go" : Tremolo glimmer, light‐brushed wind instruments splendour and silhouettes of chords resulted in a veritable colour spectacle...”

“It was a strong beginning for the Festival Euro Classic. The composition never rests, motivic cells chain themselves, processing themselves and changing thereby their character. and excitement hovers above them all … it was an enjoyable piece …”

Meitar Ensemble and Eran Zur
“…With great performance to powerful songs, you can not be mistaken. So intimate. So precise and natural. So true. This evening, it was both exciting and delightful, and the credit for this comes of course, to the Meitar Ensemble and to the conductor Ziv Cojocaru, who wrote these wonderful orchestral arrangements…”

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